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Working with Vanessa has truly changed my attitude towards nutrition. When we first met 6 months ago I was struggling to keep my sugar levels in check and making bad decisions despite my best intentions. To put it mildly I was clueless and needed help! From our first meeting Vanessa was equal parts drill sergeant, #1 cheerleader, and educator. Yes, she was able to create a program that matched my goals but, more importantly, she was able to integrate good nutrition into my existing lifestyle rather than changing it completely. She makes it easy to want to stick to plan. To date I’ve dropped my A1C from a 9 to a 5.4 working with Vanessa (and lost almost 60lbs in the process)! I would recommend her services 100% and can’t stop talking about how wonderful and knowledgeable she is.

Suzanne H



I worked with Vanessa in both her corporate business days and her changing-lives RD days and I can’t speak highly enough about her. She is fantastic to work with, always on top of things. She’s a strategic thinker and understands both her role and the wider landscape, whether that’s the industry she’s working in, or the latest in food science. She has a great understanding of people, which helps her engage with both business colleagues and patients, and she has a generosity of heart and a warmth that she brings to her work and makes her an incredible communicator. She’s also brilliantly focused on efficiency, she’s honest and open which helps get to the heart of any challenge and makes achievement of goals happen quickly and successfully. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

andy b


Overall, I lost about 18 pounds from my last visit to the doctor in April. My good cholesterol, which had been stuck at 37 for a long time was 53... My blood pressure was low so my doctor is removing me from one medication that I'm on right now...I still have a few more pounds to lose to get to the goal but I'm close. Thanks again for your help and guidance, it's made a definite impact on my health.

Chris P.



Vanessa changed the way I look at food, fitness, and nutrition forever! She allowed me to reclaim the control over my body that I had long lost. Not only was she willing to be flexible and accommodating to my schedule, she made me feel like an old friend from the first time we ever spoke on the phone. From then on out we developed an amazing rapport from which I was able to achieve all of my fitness goals. She was tough but supportive, encouraging but strong. I learned things from Vanessa that I will take with me for the rest of my life and will affect my outlook on fitness forever. I'm so thankful to her and glad that I started this journey with her by my side.

Kayla B.