frequently asked



What is a Registered Dietitian?  

Someone who actually goes to school, does a 900-hour internship in an actual hospital, with actual patients where they get to put their work into practice.                


What sets Vanessa apart from other RDs?

My method is a lot science and a little tough love; if you do what I say, you'll see results.  I don't believe in gimmicks or fad diets, so if that's what you're looking for then we aren't going to work well together.  But, if you want results and aren't afraid of work then together we can achieve your goals                                                                            


What's the difference between a nutritionist and an RD anyway? 

Well unfortunately there's not license protection for the profession (that's another story I could talk about for hours) so literally anyone can read Women's Health and then call themselves a nutritionist.  I'm not saying these "nutritionists" don't know what they're talking about but I will say that I can tell you the process of metabolism from start to finish starting with amylase in the saliva that breaks down the food and I'm not sure the aforementioned can do the same.


How quickly will I see results?  

See, this question is more of the gimmick kind. Everyone is different so I can't guarantee how fast your metabolism works.  I will say this, I get 100% results as long as my method is followed.


Do I need to exercise to see results? 

Not necessarily. I mean exercise definitely helps our cause but it's not the game changer.  Diet is really king. No one ever wants to admit that, but it's true.


Can I still have my glass of wine with dinner? 

Yes, but you need to know how that's done.