You’re probably reading this thinking, “here we go again – one more nutrition blog to add to the
pile… another ‘nutrition-shaming, NYC-dwelling, organic-cooking, probably vegan, expert mom’
telling me how to eat.” And, yet, you are intrigued enough to read on and give it a
try, right? Because, deep down, this is what we all want: to eat and drink things we love while
we lose weight – how could anyone be miserable at that?!

So, how do I stack up?

Well, first and foremost, I am an NYC-dwelling expert..well Hoboken-dwelling, but I swear, I spend a lot of time in NYC and know my way around like a pro.  Truth be told my first breath was taken at  a very well known NYC hospital, which despite, living in Hoboken both my children were also born at.. AND my grandmother (may she rest in peace) lived on 88th and Amsterdam where I basically preferred to go in my youth than staying with my own parents.. Hopefully this gives me enough street cred. But I’m a legit expert, not someone who has subscribed to a few blogs, read some magazines or made a few movies and is looking for a ‘creative outlet’. I’m a registered dietitian who has worked at a top NYC hospital and met some amazing people who I now consider friends and taught me a hell of a lot. I was trained at NYU, where, again, I learned from some ridiculously smart and dedicated people – who sometimes handed me my ass – but mostly taught me everything I know.  

But why should you care about my education? Well, because, honestly - and this is going to be
upsetting – there are no gimmicks.  There are no ways to “sex” up this nutrition thing. It’s just
science.  We all read and watch endless information about nutrition – the advice and research
seems ever-changing, overly-complicated, and sometimes contradictory.  There are magazines,
newspaper articles, blogs, Dr. Oz, and now endless weight loss shows on TV. And, I’ll admit,
even for me it can be pretty hard to navigate through at times. But my education and experience show me the way through it all to make sense of it all in a no-nonsense way that is easy to understand. And that’s why you should care!

So, if there’s no gimmick, what’s my secret? Well, I will tell you. Ready? Here we go:

1. Hard work: weight loss is uncomfortable, it requires commitment, and consistency, and you should be prepared for that

2. It’s not going to be linear: you will have ups, downs, and frustrating standstills, but if you stay the course and don’t get discouraged, it will work

3. Lastly – and this is an absolute and fundamental truth my husband can attest to… listen to Every Single Thing I Say and you’ll be good.  

As to the rest, vegan I am not. Cool, if you are, as you’ll find out, I’m a huge fan of vegetables, but I’m also so tired from working and running around two kids I can’t think about extra meals for myself.  

I’m definitely not into nutrition-shaming either. I was once shamed by a neighbor – I could feel her judgement when she noted the ice cream in my shopping bag, her eyes told me she couldn’t understand why a dietitian would engage in such lewd activities – but life is too short, and food is too good, to make someone feel bad about what they eat.

I am also a mom – and a very proud one too – who believes in organic food. But, while I do indeed serve my kids as many whole, organic foods as I can, sometimes you will find my son eating instant potatoes and peanut butter for dinner. Nevertheless, I feel confident that whatever his reasons for therapy later in life, what I let him eat for dinner will not be among them.


So, if you made it this far, let me tell you what you will find in the rest of the blog. You’ll get the benefit of my expertise and experience – I did the hard work in school and in the hospital so you don’t have to! – and I’ll keep it all real, clear, and full of top tips. I’m the realist dietitian you’ll ever find because I’m just like you, except I know how to tell when the latest fad is snake oil and when it can help you (hint, it’s mostly snake oil!). You’ll get recipes, you’ll get the ‘why’, but, most importantly, you’re going to get my real life direction on how to eat, drink, lose weight and

NOT be miserable!

Vanessa Rissetto